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Introduction to TCS Cloud Plus

TCS’ Cloud Plus suite is a cloud based IT service delivery model that is responsive to an organizations internal needs. The cloud suite enables you to manage the inter-relationships between your IT silos which include servers, storage, knowledge, asset, configuration, and operations management.

TCS Cloud Plus suite provides comprehensive computing capabilities through three solutions—Service Manager, Configuration Management Database, and Operations Manager.


Service Manager

The Service Manager is an IT service management tool that provides cloud computing capabilities to those teams that provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The Service Manager integrates with your business systems and processes through the following modules:

  • Service Manager: Enables you to incorporate and follow the best ITIL based practices associated with IT Service Management.

  • Asset Manager: Provides a cost effective means to maintain, upgrade or procure IT assets.

  • Knowledge Manager: Enables to capture, share, and utilize organizational knowledge to enhance or develop departments such as business strategy, information technology, human resources, and so on.


Configuration Management Database

Enables an organization to track and maintain the status of live instances of an organizations assets such as products, systems, software, facilities and people along with the relationship between them.


Operations Manager

TCS’ Operations Manager (OM) is an end-to-end framework that monitors, analyses, and reports the performance of your complex application systems. The OM monitors the application systems in real-time to diagnose and resolve issues proactively. The status of each of the elements being monitored and the issues (encountered and resolved) are displayed in an integrated dashboard. The dashboard consolidates and displays the data monitored and analyzed by OM in a graphical format. Additionally, the dashboard is equipped with customized alarms associated with target elements that act as an automated warning system.

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