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TCS iON EMP addresses your end-to-end energy management needs of your commercial entities. The platform assesses the effectiveness of your conservation methods and provides tips to reduce your carbon footprint through two energy management solutions: Bill Management and Remote Energy Management

Bill Management

Bill Management is the process to collect and digitize and to verify and validate the utility bills. The bill management module consolidates different utility bills on a single platform to obtain a comprehensive view of utility consumption and expenses and gain a comprehensive outlook on potential areas of improvement. The module validates and verifies the energy bills to identify anomalies in utility bills. The solution eases the process of maintaining and approving the energy invoices along with their respective payment tracking. With active tracking of bill invoices, you will not only ensure timely processing of energy invoices, but also avoid the prospects of paying penalties due to late payments. The bill management module, thus helps you in increasing the operational efficiency through reduction in time and efforts.

The bill management module provides an analytical platform with a consolidated view and analysis of the bill data. This analytical representation of data highlights the potential areas of improvement by highlighting energy consumption and expense patterns.


Remote Energy Management

Remote Energy Management (REM) Module manages energy (electricity and gas) consumption for sites through monitoring and reporting the energy performance metrics on ongoing basis. Electricity and gas data are accessed through smart metering systems. The solution monitors the energy consumption and demand based on a set of predefined criteria. These criteria are known as Key Performance Indicators.

Energy consumption for a particular day is compared against the same day of the previous week and previous year. The solution investigates daily anomalies and recommends corrective actions. The anomalies and deviation reports are shared with the Facility admin or Facility team members. The solution derives best practises from the data anomalies, and the consumption data captured on a week-on-week basis.

The solution collates all the energy monitoring data through weekly and monthly reports. The weekly reports consist of daily anomalies whereas the monthly report captures critical updates.

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