Generating widespread impact: A case study

There may not be a single-shot solution to resolve India's adult illiteracy problem, but the innovative With the support of the NGO HELP, TCS implemented the CBFL program in Kannada at Chitradurga district in Karnataka, in 2014. The 600 learners from three villages enlisted under 10 instructors,


Members of self-help groups (SHGs) can now sign their personal records, rather than using fingerprints.

Socio Cultural

Government primers cover a wide range of topics related to health, environment, and social practices. The ability to understand these primers has increased social awareness. Learners can also better understand government programs as well as benefits provided by their gram panchayat.


Several mothers have now acquired the ability to teach their children. Earlier, they could not help their children with their lessons. Moreover, the new experience of operating laptops has further boosted the confidence and self-esteem of both learners and instructors.

I could not read or write earlier. The night classes conducted in my village have helped me learn to read, write, as well as perform simple calculations. This has also helped me to be aware of superstitions and social evils.

Mahadevamma, Hiriyur  

I did not know about the injustices in our society, as I could not read or write. Through the night literacy classes organized in my village, I have learned to read newspapers as well as short story books. This has helped me to become a representative in a women SHG.

Shivalingamma, Hiriyur