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Empowering Learning Outcomes

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Revamped User Interface that Redefines User Experience
Enhancing the user interface of iDL platform to give new look and feel to the users in their learning journey.
Provide smooth access to the responsive interface of courses and communities and get the users enrolled efficiently
Collaborate more effectively with brand new view of posts and increase user engagement
Initiation towards WCAG compliance to provide Digital learning for variety of users
Introducing Hands On Programming Interface with multiple advanced features
Simplified form of editor for the learners with instant Compile and auto-evaluation of code
Remote proctoring is also available now in Hands On to monitor the learner live while he is coding
Multi Programming options are now available for learner to choose programming language for coding
Plagiarism check can be applied to calculate the copied percentage of submitted code and take actions accordingly
Setup your remote machine and conduct Hackathons via Hands On Activity
Provide Organization to create virtual machines with multiple instance types, operating systems, and software packages without investing in physical infrastructure
Hackathon events can be conducted to provide virtual environment for solving the posed problem
Providing full fledged virtual system with new technologies being updated regularly in the VM for training and evaluation
Faculty can monitor the AWS VM and access all the user files via dedicated faculty VM to evaluate the users
Conduct your live classes with Live Conference feature available in iDL
Facilitating the virtual connection between the faculty and students in a virtual classroom with auto attendance capability
Geographical barriers and time constraints can be overcome with real time conferences
Recorded sessions can be made available to the learners for future reference
We have integrated with multiple Live conference vendors like Impartus, Zoom, Vidyo along with in-house product TCS iON Live cast
Learn while you play with our Gamified Library
Transforming traditional approach of learning with interactive course content embedded within games.
Assessment questions can now be configured in game like structure and increase learner engagement
Faculty can utilize Gaming Score of the learner for the course Grading
Leaderboards, badges and other gamified incentives strives the learning competition and increases learner motivation
Design the User journey via Learning Path in iDL
Sequence of courses constituting a learning path to allow a learner enhance his skills by learning about a topic from a basic (Introduction) level to proficient (Advanced) level
Learners can explore the learning path and can follow it as per their choice
Choose your journey and become the next expert of your domain by following the curated learning path
Enhancing the user interface of iDL platform to give new look and feel to the users in their learning journey.
Additional learning to explore a topic in detail
iDL crawls the internet and through Google search finds out related and latest links of the course content being read by the learners.
Increase learner engagement by gaining reference knowledge from different sources about a topic
Enables faculty to get a high degree of coverage to communicate the recommended content in a consistent way to learners
TCS iON Digital Learning Empowering Learning Outcomes
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